The Impact of a Gift

December 5, 2016

For several years our church has received freshly brewed coffee for our pre-service fellowship from Joe and his staff at our local coffee house. The amount of coffee we receive each week retails for $75-$80 and we have not been charged a dime. It’s a wonderfully generous gift that is much appreciated.

Joe does this because he loves our church. He appreciates the ministry to the low-income in Isla Vista. And while Joe and his family attend another church, he feels apart of our church work, and he is!

This last week one of our members had the good idea to thank Joe with a card and a donation we collected during service. Yesterday, we asked Susan, a soon-to-be member of our church and Isla Vista resident to present the gift to Mike. When she did, Joe became quite emotional. It turns out the gift was very timely. Joe’s faith was strengthened in a profound way by the gesture.

For Susan, who is on a fixed income, it was a special event as well. Hers was the front-row seat to the work of God. Just last week, during a difficult stretch (business-wise), Joe’s water heater went out and the financial hit was at a very bad time.

Enter God.

With enough money to cover the new expense, tears were a’flowing. Don’t you just love it when God is at work behind the scenes and we get a peek behind the curtain?

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