The Witness of the Whale

April 20, 2017

The “Resurrection Celebration” on Easter Sunday at Light and Life church has always been special, but this year was exceptional.

After worship, a message on “Baseball, Egypt, and Holding Firm”, and three wonderful baptisms, a church member (John Perry) whispered in Pastor Dave’s ear, “I think you should cast the net out there and see if there are others who want to be baptized today.”  Pastor Dave casted the net but caught nothing.  John, channeling his inner Jesus, said “cast it again.”  This time, five people came forward and asked to be baptized.  Just as they came forward, a huge whale breached behind us and drew forth gasps, ooh’s, and aah’s.  Many present had never seen a whale breach off the SB coast before.

For those who hadn’t discerned it earlier, it became clear to all that God was truly present among us.

Four of the five people were unknown to all of us prior to the day’s start.  Two families had come to Refugio Beach for a weekend of RV camping and were having a leisurely breakfast when one said, “Are those guitars?  I think they are about to have a church service.  Let’s go check it out.”  Apparently God touched this family during the course of worship.  One of the mothers had always wanted to have her children baptized, but her husband had disallowed it for 18 years.  Now he was “no longer in the picture” (Pastor Dave didn’t press her as to what that meant).  The children agreed that they wanted to be baptized.  Then the woman’s sister who she was camping with asked her own two daughters if they would like to be baptized and they said yes also.  (It was wonderful to see that two of these children were older teenagers)

For the Resurrection Celebration, over 100 people joined us at the beach for worship, a huge feast, basketball, surfing, and fellowship.  It was truly a gathering of Biblical proportions.
He is Risen.  He is Risen Indeed!

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