The Year in Review

June 14, 2018

Recently I was kicking back, like Chuck and Clydesdale in the picture above, reflecting on the last year at LLIV and I was just amazed.

About one month ago I was sitting with a young man who has been attending our church and we prayed together at breakfast. Now that might not sound like such a big deal but it was. You see, the day beforehand, this young man had called me and told me he was ready to accept Jesus into his heart. I don’t know if a breakfast could be any better!

I also was reminded that this year we celebrated at least 4 “FIRSTS”. Check this out…

In the fall we launched our first “OPEN HOUSES” for fellowship and fun. We had about 12 of them all told and they were great! Each was unique in the games we played, the food we shared, the locations and hosts/hostesses, and the people who attended. We undoubtedly grew closer together as a church and were able to fellowship with several people who normally do not attend LLIV.

In the spring we had our first ever “Parenting and Prayer” Workshop. We met for 5 weeks and, once again, welcomed several people outside of our church family to join us.

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated our first-ever wedding AND baptism!

On Memorial Day, we took our first-ever church trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Not bad for one year, wouldn’t you agree?

As we continued to have amazing services outside in the park, we have had to deal with some irritating bugs and the transition of our beloved Tom and Doris back to FMCSB. The finances at church remain tight, but it hasn’t squeezed the Holy Spirit out. He is as alive and active as ever.

God is good, church. God is good!

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