Growing in the Holy Spirit

August 20, 2018

One of the most memorable lines I heard this summer was from a friend who was sharing the story of his entrance into the Holy Spirit-filled life. He said, “I was brought up in church, but I was bored with God. Then one day I prayed… ‘God, if you are THIS “ALMIGHTY”, there has to be more to following you than this!’ And that’s when the Spirit broke into my life. I have never been the same.”

Are you dissatisfied with the depth and fullness of your Christian life? Do you have a feeling there must be MORE? Then you may be on the cusp of a breakthrough that will change your life forever. Some call it a “holy discontent”.

Entrance into the Spirit-filled Life always begins with a dissatisfaction with what the world is offering and a hunger for more of God.

JD Walt writes, “Ever since the exile from Eden that’s been the story. No matter how much we try to dress it up and make ourselves at home here, with nice cars and fancy restaurants, and highly edited Facebook lives, underneath it all is a fallen world. It often takes a stripping away of such accouterments to realize this. Sometimes fasting can help “prepare the way” for such a realization. The Spirit of God creates the conditions that make for the prerequisite path of holy discontent. No matter how “ok” things may appear to be, they are not ok. Great awakenings happen when people begin to respond to the Spirit’s movement to “make a straight path,” to do something different; to interrupt the patterns of so-called prosperity.” (Seedbed Daily Text)

I believe there is hunger and thirst for God growing among us. Great awakenings and great revivals start with individuals in communities who start praying, hungering, and turning to God together.

May our hunger pangs grow…


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