The Holy Spirit Guides Us

November 4, 2018

I was stopped at a traffic light a few weeks ago in Goleta and saw something I will never forget.

A scene was unfolding that was dangerous to say the least. A blind man with a cane and a seeing-eye dog was crossing the street and approaching a construction zone. The sidewalk was under construction ahead of him and there was nowhere for him to walk but into the street. As I was noticing this, a huge Mack truck was approaching him from the opposite direction.

As I was considering whether to roll down my window and start yelling, the seeing-eye dog calmly and confidently did his job (it was a he, by the way).

First, the dog pressed into the man’s leg and the man stopped. The truck did as well and then it proceeded slowly ahead. After the coast was clear, the dog nudged the man slowly into the street, hugging the caution tape of the construction zone as he went. The man was safely led around the danger and on his way.

Two things occupied my thoughts as I drove off. The first was the skill of the dog to navigate the danger so competently. The second was the responsiveness of the man, who understood the directives of the dog and obeyed them completely. I was actually pretty emotional that a dog could be trained to be such an amazing helper and guide.

Then it dawned on me. What a picture of the Holy Spirit! If a dog can be that helpful to lead us through the dangers of city streets, then how much more can we trust the Holy Spirit of God to lead us around the pitfalls of this life. Holy Spirit is infinitely more wise, loyal, trustworthy, and competent. Ask Holy Spirit to be your guide and ask him to help you with your awareness and responsiveness to His Lead. His guidance will always lead us down the right path.